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"Creation in Clay and Fire"
                     " Old Pawn Indian"
Wheel thrown vase , design with solid underglazes finished with          
                                               matte glaze.                                                
                              14" high x 7" bottom 15" width      
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Wheel thrown vase  design with crystalline
        glaze covered with blue glaze.
        12" high x 7" bottom 9" width    
      " Turquoise Tease"
 Slab hand built vessel in terracotta turquoise             
                          blue glaze.                                            
                  16" high  x 6" bottom
              " Krater"
      Slab hand built vessel in terracotta Raku          
                fired, emerald green glaze.
                  16" high  x 8" bottom
       " Magic Shapped"
Wheel thrown vase, design carved by hand then multiple
      fired. Light blue glaze,crystalline and bronze glaze.     
                             13" x 9" x 5"
    " Explosion of Color "
 Slab hand built vessel in terracotta mixing
                      color glazes.
               16" high  x 6" bottom
                 " Redscape"
  Slab hand built vessel in terracotta                     
                       glaze finished.
                15" high  x 8" bottom
Slab hand built terracotta. Hand built           
    raku fired vessel, green raku glaze.
              14" high x 5" bottom
                     " Imagination"
   Wheel thrown vase , design with black shine glaze.
                     15" high x 9" bottom 18" width    
               "Clouds in the Sky"
Wheel thrown vase stoneware, design and carved   
        by hand with crystalline matte glazes.             
              20" high x 10" bottom 13" width    
      " Divine Tower "
Slab hand built sculpture, with carved desings.    
Bronze and lustre green glaze, interior in black.
                 26" height 15" bottom